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Tried and trusted technology – introducing R-TECH

Tried and trusted technology – introducing R-TECH
We are proud to be launching R-TECH – a new, exclusive own brand of products that will deliver tried and trusted technology to industrial customers.

R-TECH is the new name to look out for, especially in the product areas in which Rapid has always been strong. R-TECH provides quality solutions at an affordable price, from electromechanical components to electronic production supplies. It could be the diecast enclosure that protects your product in all weathers; or the lead-free solder you have always relied on for high quality connections; tried and trusted tech.

We have developed the R-TECH range specifically for the industrial customer looking for good quality and value. All R-TECH products pass our stringent quality requirements and compliance checks. Quality data is key – the R-TECH range is fully supported with accurate user information and approvals. Datasheets have been completely redesigned and updated, featuring more detailed technical and compliance information than ever before, giving customers the confidence to integrate R-TECH products into their designs.

So what can you expect from an R-TECH product?

They are tried – they have been proven over years of use and experience, and any new products will be approved by experts before becoming part of the range.

They are trusted – an R-TECH product comes with a recommendation of quality from Rapid and customers who have used the products in the past. You will already know many of these products through the former ‘Rapid’ or ‘Tru’ brands, and we have countless customer reviews that talk of reliability, quality and value.

Our solder range in particular is highly respected in its own right and one of our bestselling products. This is the benchmark for all R-TECH products – tried and trusted tech that ticks every box.

You may be thinking – “what about the ‘Rapid’ or ‘RVFM’ product I’ve ordered in the past?”

Most of these will trade under the brand R-TECH. A limited number will remain under the Rapid branding if they are educational products and ‘TruConnect’ will remain. All other ‘Tru’ brands will move to the ‘R-TECH’ brand. All the products in the ‘R-Tech’, ‘Rapid’ & ‘Tru’ brands will comply to the same high standards, and be Tried and Trusted.

The voice of the customer is important to Rapid, telling us about R-TECH: what you want to see in the range in the future, which features are most important to you and how the products compare to branded alternatives.

Product samples are available and R-TECH products can be ordered as part of a long term stock agreement or call-off order, which provides guaranteed stock and fixed pricing for the lifetime of the agreement. Please contact us and we can cater for your stock requirements.

“We are delighted to be launching R-TECH into the market,” said James Bates, Rapid’s Managing Director. “R-TECH is so-named because it is ‘our technology’ – Rapid’s own brand of quality industrial products at a competitive price. We will be expanding and developing the range over the next few months and look forward to getting feedback from customers. R-TECH is part of our commitment to delivering clear commercial benefits to customers, providing support throughout the procurement and manufacturing process and, of course, helping you make it.”

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