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Complimentary 6-month subscription to KickStart Software

Complimentary 6-month subscription to KickStart Software

For a limited time, enhance your test bench capabilities with six months of KickStart Benchtop Test Automation Software, included with your qualifying hardware purchase from Tektronix. Seize the opportunity to gain faster insights and drive your device development forward.

What's in the Package

KickStart Software is your gateway to streamlined instrument setup, data acquisition, and analysis for various measurements.

Each app comes with unique features that complement your Tektronix hardware:

  • Power Supply App: Effortlessly control voltage bias and current limits, all while monitoring key data. Set up list sweeps for automated tests, perfect for monitoring power consumption and load current stability
  • Data Logger App: Configure multi-channel data acquisition instruments quickly. Export data in user-friendly formats for reports and ongoing analysis, even while tests are in progress
  • Precision DMM App: Stream millions of readings directly to your PC disk for secure data archiving. Automatically export data in accessible formats for reports and further analysis
  • Scope App: Capture and log waveforms, measurements, and screenshots with three distinct modes of operation. Supports data retrieval from analog channels and more
  • AFG App: Gain control over multi-channel AFGs with independent channel management. Create and edit waveforms with ease, simplifying complex waveform generation
  • I-V Characteriser App: Conduct current versus voltage (I-V) testing on various materials and devices, using up to four SourceMeter® SMU instruments in each test.

How to redeem your subscription

  1. Purchase an eligible Keithley product
  2. Post-purchase: You'll receive an email from Tektronix with a Claim Check for access to TekAMS and your subscription
  3. Set up your Keithley product upon arrival
  4. Download and install the latest version of KickStart. Visit on your PC and click 'Download Free Trial Software.' Note: You'll need a sign-in to access the KickStart software download
  5. With KickStart installed, open the program and record your Host ID, which is your PC's unique identifier. Refer to the KickStart Quickstart Guide for guidance
  6. To claim your subscription, access TekAMS: Sign in to your TekAMS account, and click 'Software Licenses' in the top menu. You might see an 'Unclaimed Claim Check' notification. Click 'Redeem,' then return to the Software License page. This is a one-time requirement.
  7. Check out the license and input the Host ID from step 5. Download the license file to your PC. Open KickStart, select the key icon and choose 'Install License' from the Manage License window. For additional help, refer to the Kickstart License Management video.

Don't miss this opportunity to accelerate your testing and measurement capabilities with Tektronix and KickStart Software.

Qualifying products

Power Supplies
2200-20-5 2260B-250-13
2200-30-5 2260B-250-4
2200-32-3 2260B-30-108
2200-60-2 2260B-30-36
2220-30-1 2260B-30-72
2220G-30-1 2260B-800-2
2230-30-1 2260B-800-4
2230-30-3 2260B-80-13
2230-30-6 2260B-80-27
2230-60-3 2260B-80-40
2230G-30-1 2280S-32-6
2230GJ-30-1 2281S-20-6
Source measure units (SMUs)
2400 2604B
2401. 2611B
2410. 2612B
2450 2614B
2460 2634B
2461 2635B
2470 2636B
2601B 2651A
2601B-PULSE 2657A
Arbitrary function generators (AFGs)
Data Acquisition Units (DAQs) & Digital Multimeters (DMMs)

Promo valid until December 31st 2023.

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