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Vigortronix 1.5VA Encapsulated PCB Transformers

<p>A range of 1.5VA PCB mounting encapsulated transformers consisting of both primary and secondary windings. Due to their construction and encapsulation these transformers provide excellent performance in aggressive environments where potential exists for changes in temperature and humidity.</p>
  • High quality encapsulated transformer
  • Single primary or dual primary
  • Dual secondary windings
  • Temperature Class B (130°C)
  • Ambient temperature: ± 40°C to +70°C
  • Dielectric strength: 3750V rms
  • Short-circuit proof
  • Manufactured and tested in accordance to UL506, EN61558, EN60950, CE
TypeRapid Order codeVigortronix Part No.
230V 1.5VA 0-6V 0-6V88-3739VTX-121-3015-206
230V 1.5VA 0-9V 0-9V88-3740VTX-121-3015-209
230V 1.5VA 0-12V 0-12V88-3741VTX-121-3015-212
230V 1.5VA 0-15V 0-15V88-5000VTX-121-3015-215
230V 1.5VA 0-24V 0-24V88-3742VTX-121-3015-224
115+115V 1.5VA 0-6V 0-6V88-3743VTX-121-3015-406
115+115V 1.5VA 0-9V 0-9V88-3744VTX-121-3015-409
115+115V 1.5VA 0-12V 0-12V88-3745VTX-121-3015-412
115+115V 1.5VA 0-18V 0-18V88-5003VTX-121-3015-418
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