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Taiwan Alpha 16mm Commercial Potentiometers 20% Metal Case PCB Mounting

<p>A range of &oslash;16mm carbon track single potentiometers suitable for PCB mounting in commercial applications. Offered in a range of popular values with 20% tolerance.</p>
  • Choice of Linear or Log taper
  • Metal case
  • Supplied with serrated 6mm diameter shaft
  • Bush mount
Dimensions17 x 16.5mm
Power rating0.125W linear, 0.06W log.
Maximum voltage150V
Electrical rotation300° ±5°
Rotation torque20-200gm/cm
Temperature range–25°C to +70°C
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22 March 2016 Question by: Tony Walsham
Q. Is this pot available with a centre click?
A. Hi Tony, thank you for your question. Unfortunately there is not a centre click version of these potentiometers.

25 August 2015 Question by: Mr Khemahl Richardson
Q. are there 2 gang versions of these?
A. Hi Khemahl, thank you for your question. Not in this range, we list this range in double gang (stereo).

16 December 2014 Question by: Neil
Q. Do you have the PCB layout sizes for these components Ie pad sizes, hole sizes. pitch? Neil
A. Hi Neil. Thank you for your question. The manufacturer's data sheet may be helpful.

23 May 2014 Question by: Paul McDonald | Product code: 65-0715
Q. What is the angle of rotation of these potentiometers?
A. Hi Paul. Thank you for your question. According to the manufacturer's data sheet, the angle of rotation is 300 degrees +/- 5%.

15 February 2014 Question by: hugh | Product code: 65-0715
Q. Can the output be reversed
A. Hi Hugh. Thank you for your question. This will depend on what you are using this potentiometer for and whether you are using all 3 connections.

21 December 2013 Question by: DEV RAM RAI | Product code: 65-0745
A. Hi, thanks for your question. Any of the 6mm shaft size knobs will fit: 32-0270, 32-0275 , 32-0280 , 32-0285.

18 April 2013 Question by: Andy | Product code: 65-0710
Q. Hi, do I need the 18-splined type knobs for these potentiometers.
A. Hi Andy. Thank you for your question. We would look at 32-0270 as a suitable knob for these potentiometers.

04 October 2012 Question by: david
Q. are these pots ok for volume and tone control on guitars
A. Hi David, thanks for the question. For the volume you need a logarithmic pot such as this: All the other controls can be linear pots.