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Sommer Cable 100-0101-08 Multipair Studio Cable Black

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Brand: Sommer Cable  MPN: 100-0101-08 
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The Sommer Cable 100-0101-08 is a Multipair SC-MISTRAL MCF MCF04 Studio Cable that offers the PVC-insulation in pairs, common for studio cores. A wear-resistant number imprint is applied, as well as additional colour-coding in steps of 8.

The wire pairs of the SC-MISTRAL MCF have a pre-twisted drain wire and additional shielding made of AL/PT-foil. For additional protection against corrosion and oxidation both wired and the drain wire are tin-plated.

This makes the cable easy to work with because the AL/PT-foil adheres to the outer jacket during stripping. The SC-MISTRAL MCF can be installed very easily and is easy to wind. It is also recommended for work with multicore adaptors. Here the XLR- and jack connectors can be installed directly on the PVC-jacket.

To keep the diameter small Sommer Cable equipped the MCF40 with 0.18mm² wires.

Applications: Ideal for studio installation and as a stage multipair, Fixed installation in theatres, public buildings, etc., Construction of dependable speaker box systems.

  • Additional insulation for each conductor pair with a numbered and color-coded PVC-jacket
  • Very flexible and treadable through the use of the rubberlike jacket material
  • Simple and fast to work with through the use of compound foil and a pre-twisted filler strand
  • High bending cycles due to tight copper stranding
  • Returns on the cable splice can be easily recognized due to color coding on the conductor pairs
  • High transmission quality even for longer lengths (low capacity)
  • Construction [xx(2LI2Y0,22mm²)(ST)Y]F(ST)Y
  • Jacket, diameter S-PVC 11,0 mm
  • No. of inner conductors 8 x 2 x 0,22mm²
  • Copper strand per conductor 7 x 0,20mm
  • Conductor insulation Foam/skin-PE 1,6mm
  • Shielding AL/PT-foil + total foil shielding + filler strand
  • Shielding factor 100%
  • Temperature range min. -30°C
  • Temperature range max. +70°C
  • Fire load per m 0,76kWh
  • Weight per 1 m 130g
  • Jacket color black, mat

Electrical Data:

  • Capac. cond./cond. per 1 m 46pF
  • Capac. cond./shield. per 1 m 130pF
  • Cond. resistance per 1 km < 80Ω
  • Shield. resistance per 1 km 75Ω
  • Insulation resist. per 1 km > 1 GΩ
  • Surge impedance 110Ω
  • Sold per metre
  • Supplied in Black
  • Manufacturer's part: Sommer Cable 100-0101-08

This cable will be supplied in one continuous length, subject to the maximum reel size. For example, an order for 7 metres of cable will result in a single 7-metre cable being supplied, not 7 one-metre lengths.
Cable Diameter 11mm
Capacitance 46pF/m
Colour Black
Conductor Area 0.03mm²
Conductor Material AL / PT-foil + total foil shielding + filler strand
Conductor Resistance 80Ω/km
Conductor Stranding 7x0.2mm
Conductor Stranding (AWG/Strands) 32/7AWG
Length 1m
Number of Cores 8 pair


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