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RK Education 555 Monostable Projects

<P>This project has been designed to introduce the important concept of timing circuits to students using the 555 monostable circuit.</P><P>The circuit is very important as it features heavily in KS4 curriculums. It has been designed to have more than one possible outcome and therefore more than one application. It allows for good differentiation and includes a transistor drive circuit.</P>
  • Time can be varied with the variable resistor
  • Can be used with various trigger inputs
  • Battery-powered
  • PCB has space for a transistor drive circuit to allow higher powered outputs to be added
  • Clear silkscreen text has been used to make construction simpler
  • Professional double-sided PCB pre-drilled with silkscreen and solder-resist
  • Empty PCBs are available separately, order code 70-9034
  • Suitable for Key Stages 2, 3 & 4 (ages 7 to 16)
Order codeMftrs Part No.
70-903470-6012APCB only
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09 March 2013 Question by:
Q. What is special about the panel mount one?
A. Hi, thank you for your question. This product has a potentiometer that is mountable on a panel and a buzzer - see the data sheet for an illustration.

09 March 2013 Question by:
Q. What is special about the drive circuit one? What more/less does it include?
A. Hi, thank you for your question. Firstly neither has the PCB board (70-9034). The drive option has the following additional items: 100nf capacitor 10uF capacitor 2way terminal block Soft touch knob 1N4007 diode 1K resistor BFY51 transistor

09 March 2013 Question by:
Q. What is a drive circuit and panel mount?
A. Hi, thank you for your question. The drive circuit option is intended to permit using components that have a higher current requirement, such as a motor for example - but still use the same timing circuit.

06 March 2013 Question by:
Q. What is special about the economy one?
A. Hi, thank you for your question. The economy only comes supplied with the raw components and you can then add your own switches and buzzers dependent on what versions you decide to use.

06 March 2013 Question by:
Q. Is the pcb included?
A. Hi, thank you for your question. The first four do include the PCB so 6012, 6013, 6014 and 6016 all include the PCB board to make the full kit. 70-9034 is only the PCB on its own.

16 January 2013 Question by: Peter Lound | Product code: 70-6016
Q. I have just purchased 30 kits but when delivered, there was no instructions for positioning the components. Could you supply a data sheet with this information please? Regards Peter Lound
A. Hi Peter. Thank you for your question. The data sheet can be found here.