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RK Education 4 Siren Sound and Flashing Lights Generator Kit Based on UM3561 IC

<p>A kit of parts to build a 4 siren sound and flashing lights generator ideal for building into models.</p>
  • Uses a UM3561 Sound IC
  • High quality speaker
  • 4 different emergency siren sounds, selected using a jumper
  • Perfect for emergency vehicles
  • Sound can be adjusted with a potentiometer
  • PCB has space for up to 8 LEDs (available separately)
  • LEDs flash
  • LEDs can be turned off
  • Frequency of flashing can be varied
  • Ideal for using RC vehicles, cars, trucks, lorries etc
  • Available as a kit or as a blank PCB
  • Professional double sided PCB
Click here for components list and instructions.
1xSiren generator PCB based on UM3561 IC with flashing lights
1xBattery clip PP3-end entry 200mm
1x2-way single row PCB header plug
1x3W single row PCB header plug
1xMiniature closed jumper link
1x85°C 100U 25V radial lead aluminium electrolytic capacitor
1x0.1uF +/-20% 50V Y5V P:2.54mm radial ceramic capacitor
1x1N4007 1A 1000V silicon rectifier diode
1xBZX55C3V3 500MW Zener diode
1xW/proof 66mm mylar speaker 8 Ohm
1x100K CR25 0.25W CF resistor
1x47R CR25 0.25W CF resistor
1x8-pin DIL socket, narrow 7.62mm without central support
1xUM3561 three siren generator
2x1K CR25 0.25W CF resistor
2x470R CR25 0.25W CF resistor box
2x10K CR25 0.25W Cf resistor box
2x200K WR3296W 10% 3/8 cermet trimmer pot
2xSPDT ultra miniature slide switch
2x85°C 10U 25V radial lead aluminium electrolytic capacitor
3xMPSA13 DAR NPN 30V 0.5A TO-92B
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