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Rapid Plastic Spring Balance Scales

<p>These colour-coded spring balances have a robust transparent plastic body with chrome-plated rings at the top and hooks at the bottom. Capacities range from 100g up to 5kg. They are graduated in both grams and Newtons.</p>
  • Can be used for both force and mass measurements
  • Bevelled top for use on an inclined plane
  • Zero adjustment
  • Clear plastic tube allows students to see the action of the spring
  • Fitted with chrome plated hooks and rings
  • Overall length 285mm
  • Length of tube: 160mm
  • 20mm diameter
Order codeCapacityColour
06-2177100g / 1NDark brown
06-2178250g / 2.5NBlue
06-2179500g / 5NGreen
06-21801000g / 10NLight brown
06-21812000g / 20NRed
06-21823000g / 30NWhite
06-21835000g / 50NYellow
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