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R-TECH 60/40 Tin/Lead Solder Wire

<P>A range of diameters and reel sizes of high grade solder wire containing 60% tin and 40% lead.</P><P>R-TECH 60/40 Tin/Lead Solder Wire provides excellent solder joint reliability, superior joint strength and excellent thermal and mechanical fatigue resistance. It has a rosin-activated flux which requires little cleaning after making the solder joint and is ideal for use in applications requiring good activation.</P>
  • Melting temperature 190°C
  • Recommended minimum bit temperature 300°C
  • Rosin activated flux manufactured to JISZ3283

Please note: This product contains lead and rosin. As of 1st March 2018 the supply of solder containing lead at a concentration above the relevant limit as set out under Article 67 (by virtue of Annex XVII of the REACH regulation) is restricted to professional use only.

We recommend that schools use lead-free solder for all projects.

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