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Perspex® Cast Acrylic Transparent Colour Sheets

<p>If you want to add the "wow" factor to your signage or are looking to customise your vehicle, these <STRONG>Perspex&reg;</STRONG> transparent <STRONG>colour sheets</STRONG> will do the job. Available in a range of shades, sizes and thicknesses, Perspex&reg; <STRONG>transparent</STRONG> colour sheets are used in a whole spectrum of applications from automotive and marine glazing to signage and displays, where colour and transparency are key to the design.</p>
  • Outstanding optical clarity
  • Excellent UV and weather resistance
  • Light weight
  • Resistant to shocks, abrasions and scratches
  • Easy to clean and repair
Order codeMftrs Part No.Size (mm)Colour
37-3742600x400x3mm2202600 x 400 x 3Yellow
37-3743600x400x3mm300600 x 400 x 3Amber
37-3744600x400x3mm4401600 x 400 x 3Red
37-3745600x400x3mm504600 x 400 x 3Brown
37-3746600x400x3mm6600600 x 400 x 3Green
37-3747600x400x3mm7703600 x 400 x 3Blue
37-3748600x400x5mm2202600 x 400 x 5Yellow
37-3749600x400x5mm300600 x 400 x 5Amber
37-3750600x400x5mm4401600 x 400 x 5Red
37-3753600x400x5mm7703600 x 400 x 5Blue
37-37541000x500x3mm22021000 x 500 x 3Yellow
37-37551000x500x3mm3001000 x 500 x 3Amber
37-37561000x500x3mm44011000 x 500 x 3Red
37-37581000x500x3mm66001000 x 500 x 3Green
37-37591000x500x3mm77031000 x 500 x 3Blue
37-37611000x500x5mm3001000 x 500 x 5Amber
37-37621000x500x5mm44011000 x 500 x 5Red
37-37641000x500x5mm66001000 x 500 x 5Green
37-37651000x500x5mm77031000 x 500 x 5Blue
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