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Molymod Crystal Structure Molecular Model Kits

A range of Molymod Molecular Model Sets showing the structure of various crystaline substances.<br/><br/> <b>Scales:</b> Open / Ball &amp; stick models: 2.5cm / Angstrom, Closed / semi-space filling models: 1.5cm / Angstrom<br/><br/> <b>Atom-parts:</b> range from 17 to 23mm in diameter.<br/><br/> <b>Bonds:</b> Single bonds are represented by medium links (19mm) and multiple bonds by longer, flexible links (30mm). For compact models, bonds are represented by short links (2mm).<br/><br/> <b>Valence:</b> Represented by the number of holes: 1 hole (I), 2 holes (II), 3 holes (III), 4 holes (IV), 5 holes (IV), 6 holes (VI)
    Kits available:
  • Diamond - 30 atoms
  • Graphite - 45 atoms
  • Ice - 26 water units
  • Supplied singly
Order codeMftrs Part No.
52-0479MKO-123-26Ice 26 water units
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