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Major Brushes Polymer Blocks

<p> <P>This range of polymer printing blocks are safer and easier to carve than the traditional lino blocks. Unlike linoleum, the polymer blocks do not crumble or distort under printing pressure, and due to their more robust nature allow for the creation of large pieces. Sharp lines can be cut for high definition prints giving clean edges, and texture can be added with a variety of mediums. Available in a variety of sizes, all the printing blocks are approximately 3mm thick. </P> <P>Lino printing is a simple process and as a result is it widely used in schools; it is a great way to introduce children to the art of printmaking.</P> </p>
  • 3mm thick
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Supplied in packs of 10
Sheets only. Tools and ink not included.
Order codeMftrs Part No.
06-797679100-10100 x 150mm
06-797879102-10150 x 200mm
06-798079104-10300 x 200mm
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