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Low Power NPN Transistors

<p>Low power, small signal, general purpose and RF, NPN transistors.</p>
  • Low power NPN transistors
DeviceMftr.CaseVCEVCBVEBICPtothFE min.fT
stylemax. (V)max. (V)max. (V)max. (mA)max. (mW)@IC(mA)MHz
2N3704CDILTO-92 (A)30505600625100@50100
2N3705CDILTO-92 (A)3050560062550@50100
2N3904TRUTO-92 (B)40606200625100@1030
2N4401TRUTO-92 (B)40605600625100@150250
2N4401CDILTO-9240606600625100 to 300@150250
BC182LFCHTO-92 (A)50606100350120@2150
BC183LCDILTO-92 (A)30456100350120@2150
BC184CDILTO-92 (C)30456100350250@2150
BC184LFCHTO-92 (A)30456100350250@2150
BC238BCDILTO-92 (C)25305100350200@2150
BC337–16TRUTO-92 (C)45505800625100@100210
BC548BCDILTO-92 (C)30306100500220@2150
BC549CTRUTO-92 (C)30305100625420@2-
MPSA42FCHTO-92 (B)300300650062540@3050
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25 June 2013 Question by: Jools
Q. we normally use a BC548 in a light &amp; Dark buzzer circuit, what is the alturnative as it is discontinued ?
A. Hi Jools. Thank you for your question. The following alternatives are all BC548B: 81-0068, 81-0069, 81-0466 or 81-0066.

15 March 2013 Question by: Matthew | Product code: 81-0441
Q. (also 81-0442) Puzzled by datasheets, two different manufacturers. Both devices have two different power ratings, spread across two datasheet columns. I'll take the smaller, but what does it mean? Power dissipation at Tc = 25°C PD 625 mW Derate above 25°C 5.0 mW/°C then on the next row, Power dissipation at Tc = 25°C PD 1.5 W Derate above 25°C 12 mW/°C
A. Hi Matthew. Thank you for your question. Basically this is the amount of power the case will dissipate dependent on the temperature it is running at. The calculation is based on an average of 25 deg but shows to average power at set temperatures: Power dissipation at Tc = 25°C Derate above 25°C PD 625 mW 5.0 mW/°C Power dissipation at Tc = 25°C Derate above 25°C PD 1.5 W 12 mW/°C

06 March 2013 Question by: Mr T Mullard | Product code: 81-0036
Q. Could you tell me what transistor i would need to use? we are making a flashing Alien circuit run by a 9v battery,it has 2 LED's and they flash alternately. Thankyou.
A. Hi Mr Mullard. Thank you for your question. 81-0472 is commonly used in this type of project.

20 February 2013 Question by: Anjula | Product code: 81-0484
Q. how to chek pin conection
A. Hi Anjula. Thank you for your question. There are many ways to test a transistor: we sell a unit that can be used or this link shows a few ways to test a transistor.

31 March 2012 Question by: MAX | Product code: 81-0441
Q. bc549c does not appear in the technical spec area. I need to know if it is TO 92 a,b or c, quite important.
A. HI Max, the bc549C unit is a TO92 and the unit is a C type