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Jubilee Hose Clips - Jubilee Clips

<P>A wide range of industry standard, worm-drive hose clips from Jubilee, commonly referred to simply as <STRONG>Jubilee Clips.</STRONG></P>
  • Width of band 13mm (except sizes 000, M000 & 00 which are 9mm)
  • 7mm hexagonal screw head with screwdriver slot
  • Available in zinc-plated mild steel (MSZP) or Stainless steel, (S/S)
  • Supplied singly
Size No.Adjustment range

9.5 to 12mm

M00011 to 16mm
0013 to 20mm
016 to 22mm
0X18 to 25mm
1A22 to 30mm
125 to 35mm
1X30 to 40mm
1M32 to 45mm
2A35 to 50mm
240 to 55mm
2X45 to 60mm
355 to 70mm
3X60 to 80mm
470 to 90mm
4X85 to 100mm
590 to 120mm
6110 to 140mm
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