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Franka Research 3 Reference Force-sensitive Robotics System REV.0100

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Franka Research 3 - the next generation platform of choice for cutting-edge AI and Robotics research.

Franka Research 3 is the reference world-class, force sensitive robotics system, that empowers researchers with both easy-to-use robot features and low-level access to the robot´s control and learning capabilities. For researchers at the cutting edge of AI & Robotics, Franka Research 3 provides a reference force-sensitive robotic platform and powerful control interfaces, for quick results and publishing. The platform also offers a low barrier to entry for researchers in search of a robot arm to automate their experimental setup, as well as a support for teaching robot control and automation courses.

The Franka Research 3 robotics system has all you need to conduct your research with the highest precision and reliability. The Research 3 robot Arm combines tactile robotics with unique human arm-like dexterity. It features an outstanding hand guiding system and full access to the robot´s powerful control and learning capabilities via the DESK interfaces. With precise, repeatable control of force, torque and positioning, it enables the most advanced research and AI human-machine interaction.

What's Included:

Robot System
The Franka Research 3 robot system includes the Robot Arm and its Control unit. The Franka Research 3 robot Arm has 7 rotational axes, providing 7 Degrees of Freedom (DOF). Each axis is equipped with force torque centres to give a human-like sense of touch. This enables a wide range of precise movement and the ability to handle fragile and sensitive objects. The force sensitive and agile Arm features industrial-grade pose repeatability of +/- 0.1 mm and negligible path deviation. It has a payload of up to 3kg, a reach of 855mm and a workspace coverage of 94.5 %. Refer to the Datasheet and Manual for further information.

Franka Hand end effector is a fully integrated electrical two-finger parallel gripper. The Hand is highly sensitive, with a continuous gripping force of 70N and a maximum opening width of 80mm. This makes it capable of lifting a wide variety of objects. Fingertips are easily changed and 3D printing of custom fingertips is also possible. Communication and power for the Hand is provided directly via the flange connector of the robotic Arm.

Desk is a browser-based user interface that offers quick robot control options, where Apps can be dragged and dropped into a sequence to create entire tasks in no time. Ease of use and minimal programming time makes Desk the most suitable interface for rapid prototyping, simple human robot interaction studies and demos. It runs on most modern browsers, with no installation required. Desk comes with the basic set of Apps. Refer to the Desk Tutorial video below for further information.
Note: An additional Research Apps Bundle/Package is available separately.

It is easy and fast to implement safety using Watchman browser-based user interface. Complex safety setups can be simplified to ensure that your lab and lab workers are protected.

Additional Equipment
(not supplied)
Refer to the Franka research 3 Robot Manual for details of Additional Equipment (not supplied)

  • Rotational Axes (Degrees of freedom): 7
  • Maximum Reach Radius: 855mm
  • Maximum Reach Height: 1188mm
  • Pose Repeatability: <+/- 0.1mm (ISO 9283)
  • Force/Torque Sensing: Link-side torque sensor (all 7 axes)
  • Hand Grasping (continuous) Force: 70N
  • Hand Maximum Grasping Force: 140N
  • Hand Travel Span: 80mm
  • Hand Travel Speed (per finger): 50mm/s
  • Payload: 3kg
  • Comms Interfaces:
    Ethernet (TCP/IP)
  • Safety Certification: EN ISO 13849-1:2015, TUV SUD RAIL

Type Robotic Arm System
Height 750mm
Ingress Protection (Control Unit) IP20
Ingress Protection (Robot Arm) IP40
Length 800mm
Mains Frequency 50-60Hz
Maximum Age 25+
Minimum Age 18
Nominal Power Consumption 80W
Operational Temperature Range 5 to 45°C
Supply Voltage 100-240V AC
Weight (Control Unit) 7kg
Weight (Hand) 0.73kg
Weight (Robot Arm) 17.8kg
Width 600mm


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