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Daler-Rowney System 3 Acrylic Paints

<p>Daler-Rowney's System 3 Acrylic Colour Paint is a durable, water-resistant, acrylic-based paint with excellent adhesion.</p>

  • Ideal for art, craft and design projects in colleges and schools
  • Useful for both amateurs and professionals using colour in large quantities
  • Wide neck, stackable bottles with screw top and flip-up lid
  • Perfect for painting large expanses, murals, scenery, etc.
  • Can be applied with brush, pad or roller
  • Equipment can simply be cleaned in cold water
  • Supplied in 250ml and 500ml bottles
  • A selection of popular colours are also available in 2.25 litre bottles

Lemon yellow06-954306-144406-6185
Process yellow06-954406-6159
Cadmium yellow06-954506-1442
Cadmium yellow deep hue06-9383
Cadmium orange light hue06-9384
Cadmium orange 06-938506-1440
Cadmium scarlet06-938606-6180
Cadmium red06-938806-143406-6187
Cadmium red deep06-938906-6171
Process magenta06-939106-6173
Deep violet06-939306-1430
Prussian blue06-9394
Phthalo blue06-939506-6184
Cobalt blue06-939706-141406-6189
Coeruleum blue hue06-939806-6182
Process cyan06-939906-6175
Phthalo turquoise06-940006-9853
Phthalo green06-940106-6178
Leaf green06-940306-1424
Pale olive green06-9404
Sap green06-9405
Hookers green06-9406
Oxide chromium green06-9407
Buff titanium06-940806-6177
Flesh tint06-9409
Naples yellow06-9410
Yellow ochre06-9411
Raw sienna06-941206-1448
Burnt sienna06-941306-1420
Burnt umber06-941406-6176
Raw umber06-941506-6179

Paynes grey

Mars black06-941706-141206-6188
Process black06-941806-9298
Warm grey06-941906-9854
Zinc mixing white06-9420
Titanium white06-942106-141006-6186
Pale gold06-9423
Rich gold06-942406-1452
Metallic blue06-9426
Metallic green06-9427
Metallic red06-9428
Pink blush06-9430
Silk purple06-943106-6170
Velvet purple06-943206-6172
Fluorescent blue06-9434
Fluorescent yellow06-9435
Fluorescent orange06-943606-9297
Fluorescent red06-9437
Fluorescent pink06-9438
Fluorescent green06-9439
Question by Jan
Saturday, March 21, 2015

Q Hiya Does this paint give a matt finish please?? cheers Jan x
A Hi Jan. Thank you for your question. Please see this data sheet. Depending on colour the finish is either transparent/semi-transparent or opaque.

Question by Lianne | Product code: 06-9393
Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Q Will the acrylic paint be suitable for chest of draws?
A Hi Lianne. Thank you for your question. Acrylic paint is fine to use on wood, but it is advisable to seal with a good quality varnish.