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CamdenBoss 66 Series Rubber Corner Handheld Enclosures

<P>These CamdenBoss 66 Series hand-held enclosures feature an innovative and unique design for quick and easy assembly.</P><P>They are made from high-impact UL94-V0 rated ABS material, either with or without a battery door, the two halves being held together by four slide-on soft-grip TPE corners which give the enclosure added protection and an ergonomic feel. The <A href=""><STRONG>rubber corners</STRONG></A> are available in a range of colours and are <A href=""><STRONG>sold separately</STRONG></A> to give you the greatest range of design combinations.</P><P>The 66 series is ideally suited to portable measurement equipment and testing devices in multiple industry sectors.</P>
  • Moulded in high impact UL94-V0 ABS
  • Screwless assembly via four soft-grip corners
  • Optional retaining screws for added security
  • Battery compartment lid (if fitted) has M3 retaining screw
  • Recesses in lid and base for membrane keypads or overlays
  • PCB pillars in lid and base
  • Ingress rating IP54 (IP65 with the optional gasket)
  • Range of sizes
  • 25 or 35mm height
  • CamdenBoss 66 series
CamdenBoss typeDimensionsColourBattery doorOrder code
CHH661NBK145 x 95 x 25mmBlackNo30-7548
CHH661NGY145 x 95 x 25mmGreyNo30-7536
CHH662NBK145 x 95 x 35mmBlackNo30-7535
CHH662NGY145 x 95 x 35mmGreyNo30-7545
CHH663NBK185 x 110 x 25mmBlackNo30-7550
CHH663NGY185 x 110 x 25mmGreyNo30-7552
CHH664NBK185 x 110 x 35mmBlackNo30-7540
CHH664NGY185 x 110 x 35mmGreyNo30-7549
CHH665NBK200 x 120 x 25mmBlackNo30-7542
CHH665NGY200 x 120 x 25mmGreyNo30-7551
CHH666NBK200 x 120 x 35mmBlackNo30-7541
CHH666NGY200 x 120 x 35mmGreyNo30-7538
CHH661BBK145 x 95 x 25mmBlackYes30-7555
CHH661BGY145 x 95 x 25mmGreyYes30-7547
CHH662BBK145 x 95 x 35mmBlackYes30-7533
CHH662BGY145 x 95 x 35mmGreyYes30-7534
CHH663BBK185 x 110 x 25mmBlackYes30-7554
CHH663BGY185 x 110 x 25mmGreyYes30-7553
CHH664BBK185 x 110 x 35mmBlackYes30-7539
CHH664BGY185 x 110 x 35mmGreyYes30-7543
CHH665BBK200 x 120 x 25mmBlackYes30-7556
CHH666BBK200 x 120 x 35mmBlackYes30-7547
CHH666BGY200 x 120 x 35mmGreyYes30-7544
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