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Diptronics Buttons for 12 x 12mm Tactile Switches

A range of square and round buttons for use with the 12 x 12mm tactile switches, (not suitable for round head switches).<br/><br/> To find out more about our range of <a href="/diptronics">Diptronics switches</a>, please visit our <a href="/diptronics">Diptronics</a> brand page.</p>
  • Round 13mm dia x 5.5mm
  • Square 12mm square x 5.5mm
Order codeMftrs Part No.
78-1182KTSC-21BBlue square
78-1183KTSC-21RRed square
78-1184KTSC-21IIvory square
78-1185KTSC-21KBlack square
78-1186KTSC-21GGreen square
78-1188KTSC-21GEGrey Square
78-1190KTSC-22BBlue round
78-1192KTSC-22IIvory round
78-1193KTSC-22KBlack round
78-1196KTSC-22GEGrey round