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Wera hand tools

Hand tools are the new rock and roll – or, at least, they are for Wera!

The unmistakeable brand identity Wera has developed, with the accent very much on rebellion, actually goes to the heart of what makes Wera tools so highly valued by professionals and hobbyists. Challenging the status quo, driving forward tool design, sticking two fingers up at a world that says ‘that isn’t possible’ – this is why Wera are a company and community of ‘tool rebels’.

Whether you are servicing a boiler, fitting plumbing fixtures or installing solar panels, Wera can make the job easier – even, dare we say it, a pleasure! Whatever it is you are fastening or loosening, Wera screwdrivers, sockets, ratchets and spanners provide professionals with a superb choice of ergonomic and high performance tools, from the Joker combination ratchet spanner to the Kraftform Kompakt screwdriver.

Electricians, craftsmen and maintenance professionals appreciate the Wera range of screwdrivers because they offer accurate, powerful, fast and ergonomic fastening, and significantly reduced fastening times. Innovation is at the heart of Wera's success; the contours of the Kraftform handle have been moulded by the shape of the human hand; while the Joker combination ratchet spanner does not even have to be flipped over.

Over 1,700 Wera products are now available from Rapid as an official dealer, we can fully support the Wera brand with expert advice and competitive pricing, as well as replenish stock quickly. Which is not very rebellious but hey, you can’t have everything!