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One of the world's leading producers of do-it-yourself electronic project kits

Founded in Belgium in 1975 as a family firm, the company now distribute 18,000 Velleman kits across 50 brands to 85 countries.

The Velleman philosophy is simple: to enthuse customers with the excitement of building electronic circuits and further understanding of how components and circuits work. The make-up of Velleman project kits has barely changed since the company's foundation: customers receive all the components required for the project, a circuit board, sometimes in the shape appropriate for the application (eg. a Valentine heart) and full instructions. All that is generally asked of customers is basic soldering skills and a 9V battery.

Velleman project kits are held in great affection because of the ease with which they can be constructed, the understanding and grounding they provide in basic circuitry, and the satisfaction the Velleman kits give to the user when the fun, quirky projects are completed. As such they are extremely popular in schools and with hobbyists, for whom the no-frills circuitry add a special character.

Over 130 individual Velleman kits are available at Rapid. Most have simple functions, such as timers, sensors and sound generators, but others challenge users with more complex builds, such as an AM/FM radio and kits which sequence LEDs to create dazzling effects, such as a beating LED heart.

All Velleman electronic project kits are available from Rapid with same day despatch on all in-stock items.

Steam Engine Sound Generator Kit
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