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When the Pilot fountain pen company was first launched in Japan in 1918, the seemingly unlimited flow of ink from its products so astounded people that Pilot pens were called '10,000 year paint brushes'.

Pilot's reputation for pioneering writing technology has continued throughout the history of the company, which now produces some of the most advanced rollerball, gel ink and ballpoint pens for home and office use. These amazing pens are all available from Rapid!

Ever wanted to erase what you have just written in ink? Tipp-Ex, tearing up or starting again used to be your only options, but now with Pilot’s Frixion rollerball pens you really can write, delete and repeat. The unique eraser feature at the top of the Frixion pen rubs out what has been written by the use of friction-generated heat, leaves no debris and can be re-written over immediately. The Frixion is available from Rapid in packs of 12 in the colours of black, blue and red.

Leading the way as an educational resource, Pilot pens provide the most complete writing experience for youngsters – with ergonomic shafts facilitating a comfortable grip, tungsten carbide tips giving good contact and high quality inks which provide clean lines. Teachers will love the fact that Pilot pens are available in handy multi-packs so their entire classes can enjoy writing and drawing.

Frixion Pilot Pens