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Lascar Product Range
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Lascar Electronics

Founded in a garage in Essex in 1977, Lascar has grown into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high performance data logging, digital display and custom instrumentation solutions. With sales, technical and production facilities in the UK, US and Hong Kong, Lascar cater for sectors including the food industry, health and medicine, museum and heritage and facilities management. Lascar develops its products for the latest technology platforms, giving customers a huge choice of options across a host of applications.

Data Logging

For many industries, being aware of changes in a micro-environment is of paramount importance. From humidity and temperature to voltage, current and carbon monoxide, Lascar equipment provides accurate, efficient and continuous logging and display of environmental data. Data logging devices range from the standalone EL-USB-1 to remote devices that can communicate via Bluetooth to your PC or tablet. Certain Lascar models are designed for use in specific industries, such as the EasyLog cold chain data loggers.    

Instrument Calibration Certified


We offer customers the option of ordering calibrated Lascar data loggers. All calibrated instruments will be supplied with an authorised calibration certificate from Lascar with full calibration data, stating that the product has been calibrated and is traceable to UKAS accredited standards. Use ‘calibrated Lascar data loggers’ as a search term on our website or use the Calibrated filter when searching for products. Calibrated instruments include a selected range of Lascar’s handheld environmental data loggers. For an example of the calibration certificate please click here.

Panel Meters

Panel Meters

Lascar’s range of panel meters can easily be mounted into equipment panels or plugged directly into SIL sockets. Featuring LCD, LED and 4-20mA backlighting options, the clear character display of Lascar panel meters offer superb solutions as voltmeters, current loop meters, thermometers and multipurpose displays for mid and entry level use. Lascar’s panel meters are suitable for applications such as precision instrumentation systems, power supply monitoring, hand held instruments, panel-mount indication and low power voltage measurement.  


Lascar’s PanelPilot system is an integrated hardware and software platform which gives users the opportunity to customise a range of graphic panel meters and displays to their exact requirements. Applications can be built quickly and easily without writing a line of code using the PanelPilotACE and its FREE Design Studio software. The PanelPilotACE University offers a complete learning environment for the platform.