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Finder relays

Finder Relays are one of the world's most trusted manufacturers of electronic relays for industrial, automotive and general purpose applications.

Relays are electronically operated switches common to most electronic circuits. A magnetic field is created when current flows through the coil of the relay, attracting a lever and changing the switch contacts. Relays like those produced by Finder enable the switching of multiple, separate circuits. A low voltage battery circuit can use a relay to switch a 230V AC mains circuit.

Since 1954, Finder has worked exclusively in the field of relays and timers, producing over 10,000 different products for customers requiring off the shelf and bespoke relay solutions. Throughout its history the company has developed Finder relays for an extensive range of specific industrial and commercial uses, such as light dependant relays for street lighting, forcibly guided contact relays for rail and transport, monitoring relays for single and three phase applications, PCB relays and solid state relays.

As a leading relay distributor, Rapid stocks an extensive range of Finder relays and is committed to sourcing the very latest Finder products. If you have requirements for individual Finder relays in small or volume quantities, or need to compare the specifications of different components, Rapid is the ideal place to shop online for Finder relays. We stock Finder PCB relays, miniature relays, sub-miniature relays and plug-in power relays in the most popular Finder series, from which customers can filter their requirements and find relays with the correct attributes that meet their specification, such as switching voltage and current, contact arrangement and dielectric strength.

Finder Products

  • PCB Relays (81)
  • Solid State Relays (1)
Control & Automation
  • Plug-In Relays (26)
  • Relay Sockets & Accessories (13)
  • Control Relays (8)
  • Relay Modules (6)
  • Timers & Controllers (5)
  • Light Switches & Sensors (2)