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Quite simply one of the most famous names in the electronics world, thanks to the innovation and accessibility Casio handheld, solar-powered, graphics and scientific calculators have brought to generations of schoolchildren and young learners.

Where mathematics were once a laborious, long-winded discipline, in the calculator age maths became a fast, fun part of learning. Founded in Japan in 1946 by Tadao Kashio, the first Casio product was not related to technology at all – the yubiwa pipe was a hands-free smoking implement. But that was all soon to change.

Calculated to perfection

Casio quickly came to dominate the handheld calculator market with a series of radical innovations, such as the 10-number keypad and single-display window. Over time the company's all-electric compact calculator became an essential piece of equipment in offices, classrooms and homes, developing a range of functions which brought complex calculations to the fingertips of students and workers of all ages. Maths students at Key Stages 1,2, 3 & 4 as well as A-Level appreciate the ergonomics of Casio calculators, which are designed to be stylish as well as accurate and efficient.

Modern Casio calculators offer an incredible range of functionalities and features. Scientific calculators allow users to solve aspects of trigonometrics, logarithms, hyperbolics, factorials, combinations and permutations, standard deviation, linear regression and random numbers. Graphics calculators provide visual solutions and graphing representations to questions of angles, measurements, fractions, pie charts, financial calculations, roots and powers. The FX ranges of scientific calculators also offer large screen sizes for textbook format displays.

Rapid is delighted to be a distributor of Casio calculators, which are available to customers in office and school-friendly bulk quantities. Calculate how many you need today!

Casio FX-9860GIII Graphic Calculator