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Arduino shields, boards, Arduino Leonardo, Nano, Duo, Mega microcontrollers

Millions of people around the world have been saying yes to Arduino since the microprocessor platform was launched in 2005. Yes to coding; yes to creativity; yes to tweeting plants and cats; yes, most of all, to the satisfaction and enjoyment that comes from turning an idea into reality. The combination of user-friendly, connectable hardware, open source software and accessible programming language has made the Arduino prototyping system beloved by designers, hobbyists, artists and engineers.

The first thing that strikes you about an Arduino board is how small it is: fitting comfortably within the palm of a hand, the various Arduino microcontroller formats - Nano, Uno, Mega, Leonardo, Due and Yun - pack incredible power within their petite packages. Arduino boards are pre-assembled with Atmel ATMEGA chips, surface mounted components and a range of connection ports and digital pins, which can be used to connect inputs and outputs.

If you are an electronics novice, Arduino is your ideal launch pad. Within minutes of plugging an Arduino microcontroller board into your PC's USB port and opening the IDE software, you can be programming the board to interact with its environment and perform simple electronic tasks. By linking your Arduino to a range of inputs, devices and integrating components (such as sensors, LEDs and display modules), there is almost no limit to the projects that can be created.

Introduction to the Arduino

Rapid supply an extensive range of Arduino products - including the Arduino Uno, Nano, Mega, Leonardo and Yun boards, as well as a comprehensive selection of accessories and components such as ethernet shields, motor shields, servo modules, enclosures, robots, devices and chips. Datasheets, schematics and reference designs are freely accessible from our pages.

We would love to see your Arduino projects. If you have bought some Arduino from Rapid, please email us your content or share the links on our Facebook or Twitter pages, and we will feature it on the page dedicated to Your Projects.