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Airgineers is a STEM drone Challenge for secondary school age students.

As part of the Challenge, students design, build and learn to fly drones in two different classes – Micro and 3S. The drones in the Micro class are smaller and designed for use indoors, while the 3S drone is a high-speed, high performance racing UAV built for high speed flying against other drones outdoors. The drones (or radio controlled quadcopters) can be ordered pre-assembled or as kits. Students taking part in Airgineers are encouraged to buy the unassembled kit versions, to help with running repairs in the event of their drones crashing.

All the kits and parts required to build and maintain the drones in each class are available below, along with the equipment to fly them – including transmitters, receivers, batteries and chargers.

For more information see the official Airgineers website.