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Specialists in thermal management since 1977, Adda is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fans and CPU coolers.

Fans are used in electronic devices and circuitry in order to dissipate the heat generated by components, improve their performance and extend the working life of the application. Along with heatsinks and thermal interface materials, fans play a crucial part in the cooling process.

And with personal computers becoming more powerful, bringing with it a greater risk of overheating, there is a need within the electronics industry for more efficient cooling systems.

Adda products available at Rapid include a range of axial box fans, in 40mm, 60mm, 80mm and 120mm sizes. They include low voltage DC models, in 12V and 24V versions, and low noise mains voltage 230V AC fans, featuring rugged aluminium alloy frames, copper sleeve or ball bearings and glass-filled polyester impellers. Rapid also sells a number of accessories, such as ABS fan guards, cooling fan guards and filter assemblies.

Featuring award-winning design and innovative use of materials, Adda fans meet the rigorous requirements of customers, and are easily modified for varying applications and specifications. All Adda fans are designed to meet UL CSA TUV CE and CUL requirements.