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ABB Electrical and Power

ABB – Asea Brown & Boveri Ltd – is a leading power and automation technology brand.

Rapid stock a wide range of ABB Electrical and Power products, including contactors, starters, control units and terminals. Quality and reliability are built into every device to ensure total performance satisfaction, even in the most demanding applications.

ABB were formed in 1988 from two long established electrical and engineering companies Asea and BBC (Brown, Boveri and Cie). Both possessed a history of pioneering achievement, including Europe's first steam turbine and industrial robot, the first high voltage DC (HVDC) transmission line and the first three-phase system for generators, transformers and motors.

ABB is divided into five main sectors – Power Products, Power Systems, Automation Products, Process Automation and Robotics. ABB are dedicated to helping customers use electrical power effectively, to increase industrial productivity in a sustainable manner and to enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impacts.

Rapid can offer ABB low voltage products suitable for residential, commercial and industrial electrical distribution systems, including contactors and relays; a wide range of motor starters and isolators; residual current devices and control units providing protection against Earth leakage faults, short circuits and overloads.