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Beaverswood Floor Markers with Warning Messages

<p>These highly visible <STRONG>floor markers </STRONG>from <STRONG>Beaverswood</STRONG> are designed for use in warehouses and other workplaces and are available with a wide range of warning messages. The easy-to-understand messages are printed onto the underside of a clear PVC film and then laminated on the back surface of the floor marker with a highly effective <STRONG>permanent adhesive</STRONG>. These signs are suitable for use on dry, clean, flat sealed surfaces and although designed for the floor, they can be used on walls or anywhere a permanent sign is required.</p>
  • Designed to highlight warnings or special requirements
  • Independently tested for slip resistance
  • Each sign measures 430mm diameter
Order codeMftrs Part No.Sign
14-3628FM01Directional arrow
14-3630FM02No Entry
14-3632FM03Authorised Personnel
14-3634FM04Keep Aisles Clear
14-3636FM05Forklift Truck Area
14-3638FM06Pedestrian Traffic
14-3640FM07No Smoking
14-3642FM08No Naked Lights
14-3644FM09No Food or Drink
14-3646FM10Safety Helmets
14-3648FM11Eye Protection Area
14-3650FM12Ear Protection
14-3652FM13Protective Footwear
14-3654FM14Slippery When Wet
14-3656FM15Watch Your Step
14-3660FM17Fire Exit
14-3662FM18Keep Clear
14-3664FM19No Pedestrian Traffic
14-3666FM20Pedestrian Route
14-3670FM22No Forklift Trucks