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Ambersil Paint Marker Pens with 3mm Nibs

Ambersil marker pens can be used exactly like regular ink permanent markers, but without the drawbacks typically associated with them. The acrylic paint is highly tenacious, able to write on almost any surface, and on any substrate colour. The very high opacity ensures outstanding colour vibrancy and visibility, and the advanced pigment technology delivers very long lasting, zero fade performance. Tenacious resin binds paint to the writing surface almost eliminating the problems associated with accidental rub-off and will not wash off with water/rain.<br/><br/> Ideal for most industrial marking requirements including metal working/fabrication, electrical installation, machine construction, civil engineering, road construction, logistics, surveying, general repair, etc.
  • Excellent opaque coverage, even on dark surfaces
  • Fast drying
  • Durable tip with valve action to prevent excess paint flow
  • Medium thickness point (3mm dia.)
  • Easy, accurate application
  • Multi surface: can be used on: metal, rubber, glass, textile, paper, enamel, plastic, cardboard, tiles, wood
  • 7 Colours available
  • Paint can be removed easily with a solvent such as Amberklene FE10, (87-0130)
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