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40kHz Air Ultrasonic CeramicTransducers Enclosed

<p>Enclosed transducers that may be hermetically sealed and thus are suitable for outdoor use as well as for use in dusty and contaminated indoor environments. The transmitters and receivers are of the pulse transit type and consist of an aluminium housing with an integral diaphragm, the transducers resonating at the the first harmonic. The backs of the housing are completely sealed with resin, protecting them from exposure to the environment.<br/><br/> Suitable applications for these devices include: paper feeding detector, sensor for counting devices, flow measurements, presence detectors, remote control devices, solid and liquid level measurements, intrusion alarms, energy management systems.</p>
  • Available in a choice of diameters in transmitter and receiver
  • Low cost
  • One piece solid metal case
  • High sensitivity and sound pressure level
  • Complete seal meets IP67
Note: Although the devices are constructed to be watertight, they are not recommended for use under water.
Mftrs. pt. no.400ET250400ER250400ET18S400ER18S
Centre frequency40kHz40kHz40kHz40kHz
Bandwidth (–6dB)1.0kHz1.0kHz1.5kHz.5kHz
Transmitting SPL115dB min.-110dB min.-
Receiving sensitivity-–70dB min.-–70dB min.
Driving voltage max.20V rms20V rms15V rms15V rms
Total beam angle @ –6dB30°30°35°35°
Operational temperature–30°C to +80°C–30°C to +80°C–30°C to +70°C–30°C to +70°C
Order code35-180035-180535-184035-1835
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