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1A Fixed Voltage – 78/79 series TO-220 Single Gauge

<p>The 7800 and 7900 series of three-terminal positive and negative voltage regulators can deliver over 1A of regulated output curent in a choice of several output voltages (subject to adequate heat sinking). Although designed primarily as fixed voltage regulators, these devices can be used with external components to obtain adjustable voltages and currents.</p>
  • TO-220 single gauge package
  • Internal current limiting, thermal shut-down and safe area protection
For suitable heat sinks and themal pads see Semiconductor hardware section.
max. (V)typ. (V)min. (V)typ. (V)max. (V)regulationregulationcurrent (mA)code max. (mV)max. (mV)
MC7918CTG (ONS)–351.1–17.3–18–18.7360360347-3607
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04 March 2015 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. Do yous offer a socket for this, to allow for soldering on to PCB, or can this component be directly soldered?
A. Hi Phil. Thank you for your question. We do not offer a socket for these TO-220 regulators, they are normally soldered directly onto a PCB/veroboard.

06 May 2014 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 47-3290
Q. What is the minimum input voltage for this?
A. Hi James. Thank you for your question. The minimum voltage input is 10 volts.

21 March 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 47-3298
Q. Which pin is the case of the L7912 (or L7812) connected to? If I mount one of each on the same heatsink, will I need insulating washers?
A. Hi Berni. Thank you for your question. This device is not shown as having any pins connected to the case at all but to be extra safe you could also use a mica washer for each to further insulate them.