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Weller W 61, 60W Temperature Controlled Mains Soldering Iron

<P>The Weller W61 is a 230V AC mains voltage, temperature-controlled soldering iron with an output of 60W, making it suitable for medium and heavy electrical connections to transistors, PCBs, heavy-duty connectors and sheet metal.</P><P>The temperature of the iron is controlled by a built-in 'Magnastat' thermostatic switch. As magnets are heated, their strength reduces and this principle is used to operate a spring-loaded switch, turning off the power when a certain temperature is reached and turning it back on when the iron cools down. A click can often be heard or felt when the switch operates.</P><P>The operating temperature of the iron can be changed by swapping the soldering tip. Each tip has a disc fitted to its end which touches the thermostatic switch inside the iron. Different tips have different discs to which the magnet is attracted by different amounts, changing the temperature at which the thermostat switches.</P><P>Tips with numbers ending in 7, e.g., CT5A7, cause the iron to operate at 370&deg;C.<BR>Tips with numbers ending in 8, e.g., CT5F8, cause the iron to operate at 425&deg;C.<BR>Tips with numbers ending in 9, e.g., CT5D9, cause the iron to operate at 480&deg;C.<BR>The number 7, 8 or 9 is stamped into the disc on the end of each tip.</P><P>A range of spare parts and tips are available to keep the W61 iron in perfect working order.</P>
  • Operating temperature (with supplied tip) 370°C
  • A suitable stand, order code 85-5348 is available separately
  • Fitted with UK 13A mains plug
  • Supplied fitted with a CT5B7 tip, 85-5356
  • Weller type T0056103399N / W61
Tips listed for model W61 are also suitable for the discontinued Weller model W60 60W iron.
Operating voltage 230V AC
Temperature 370°C with fitted tip
Output 60W
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