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Rapid Steam Resources

Steam Lab

Our STEAM Projects

Video Projects

Codey Rocky AI Project - Sorting Waste

How to make an Audio Amplifier Project

Bit:Bot BBC micro:bit robot

How to make a Mini-Light Project

How to make a Moisture Tester Project

How to make a Radio Project

How to make a Logic Alarm Project

How to make a 555 Timer Project

Build a simple robot with Orangepip

MakeyMakey timing gate

Light seeking BBC micro:bit robot

MakeyMakey Play Dough Bongos

How to make LED Christmas Tree Project

Building the Airgineers Micro-Drone

Configuring the Micro-Drone for Airgineers

PDF Projects

Easter Chick Project

Easter Chick

Arduino Sports Robot Project

Arduino Sports Robot

Codey Rocky Project

Codey Rocky

Dash & Dot Mini Missions Project

Dash & Dot Mini Missions

Makey Makey Bongo Project

Makey Makey Bongo

Makey Makey Interactive Stories

Makey Makey Interactive Stories

Micro:bit Reaction Game

Micro:bit Reaction Game

Micro:bit Step Counter

Micro:bit Step Counter

Rapid Audio Amplifier Project

Rapid Audio Amplifier

Rapid Mini Light Project

Rapid Mini Light

Rapid Moisture Tester Project

Rapid Moisture Tester

Rapid Radio Project

Rapid Radio

Rapid Logic Alarm Project

Rapid Logic Alarm

Rapid Timer Project

Rapid Timer

LED Christmas Tree Project

LED Christmas Tree

Ozobot Pollen Love with Bees

Ozobot Pollen Love with Bees

Mayku Reuse Recycle Project

Mayku Reuse Recycle

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