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Rapid EP-613-209G 30V Power Supply 2.5A PS3025

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Brand: Rapid MPN: EP-613-209G
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The Rapid PS3025 is a high quality, fully regulated, power supply capable of supplying up to 30V at a maximum of 2.5 amps with additional fixed 5V and 12V outputs at 500mA.

  • Ideally suited to laboratory test and educational environments
  • Voltage and current outputs are individually displayed on liquid crystal displays
  • Output voltage is continuously adjustable via a single control from 0 to 30V DC
  • Output current limiting is fully adjustable up to 2.5A, again by a single control
  • The 30V output is terminated with 4mm colour coded terminals
  • The 5V and 12V outputs are terminated via a spring loaded colour coded terminal block
  • All outputs are overload and short circuit protected
  • The power supply is housed in a sturdy steel enclosure and is supplied with mains lead terminated with a UK mains plug fused at 5A and user instructions

Not recommended for use as a battery charger.

Output 1:Voltage0 to 30V DC continuously variable
Current0 to 2.5A continuously variable
Output 2:Voltage+5V (fixed)
Output 3:Voltage+12V (fixed)
Regulation:Line0.05% ±5mV
Load0.05% ±5mV
Ripple and noise0.25mV typical
Power requirement240V AC 50/60Hz
Dimensions200 x 150 x 145mm

21 February 2018 Question by: luc | Product code: 85-1705
Q. hi , can we bridge 2 of this psu in serie for 60v ? thanks
A. Hi Luc, thank you for your question. Yes you could connect 2 in series to get a higher voltage up to 60V.

04 August 2017 Question by: Ed | Product code: 85-1705
Q. Where can I get replacement Knobs for the voltage and current adjustment?
A. Hi Ed, thank you for your question. We do not supply the original knob I'm afraid, however as long as the potentiometer shaft is intact then 32-1834 fits quite nicely and looks good if you replace both of them.

24 November 2015 Question by: Gerald | Product code: 85-1705
Q. Can you confirm this is a linear PSU on all outputs and is not switch mode?
A. Hi Gerald, thank you for your question. This is a linear power supply.

28 November 2012 Question by: Doug loughren | Product code: 85-1705
Q. Hi, does this psu come with leads that hook up to the terminals ( + - )? Tahnk you, Doug
A. Hi Doug. Thank you for your question. No leads are supplied with the PSU. It takes standard 4mm test leads such as 90-6298.

03 November 2011 Question by: quentmey | Product code: 85-1705
Q. Hi, Can this device be controlled through Labview?
A. Hi, thanks for your question. This PSU does not have any computer type interface, so it is unlikely to work with Labview software.

Great value bench power supply

Reviewed by: Mark - 16 April 2014
I'd been using the 3-15V 3A version of this supply for over 5 years without a hiccup so it wasn't a difficult choice to make when I needed a supply with a higher voltage range. Been using this one now for a couple of weeks and I've had no problems with it, even when using it close to current limit for long periods. Impossible to find a multi output linear power supply with this power at anything like this price, so highly recommended. Only small niggle is the lack of binding posts on the variable output. Ordered 7.25pm, arrived 10.15am the next morning, can't say fairer than that !

good value but beware of linking them

Reviewed by: daniel o' brien - 07 November 2012
We use these in quantity in our electronics undergraduate labs. The ability to power some linear circuits from the +/-15V rails is very useful. - But a small mod is desirable. When used by students. The 30V main supply is easily capable of destroying the linear supply if it is applied to these terminals. Mod is to insert a power diode in series with each of lower power rails inside the enclosure , before letting them into use by students. the loss of 0.6v is a little consequence on the 15V Over a number of years useage the main problem is wear on the variable voltage potentiometer. Which can be replaced by a better quality device.

Reviewed by: Michael Nixon - 20 February 2009
I have had one of these power supplies for over a year and its still going strong. Output exceeds specification on mine (I can get 31.8V at 2.9A) and the outputs are very clean. Only downsides are that voltage/current control arent very fine as the controls are single turn, and that there may be some very brief transients (higher voltage spikes) if you set the voltage high and use current limiting (for example to power a laser diode). This is avoided by setting the voltage to no more than the maximum rating of the component/circuit you are going to power before setting the current control. Overall recommended as a decent linear PSU that does not break the bank.

Reviewed by: Ian Styles - 19 May 2008
Company I work for has had one of these for about 5 years so its not NEW, Ours worked fine then about 18 months ago it lost its ability to stabilize the voltage and the unit operates a relay presumably to change a tap on the transformer but although the relay operates it does not always step the voltage up. In short - good for the money but may fail and at the low purchase price would probably cost more to repair.