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Marquardt 250V AC Rocker Switches

<p>These rocker switches from the Marquadt 1830 Series have a long lifespan and strong operating characteristics.</p>
Order codeSwitch typeHousing colourRocker colourSwitching currentPrinted motifDimensions (L x W)
50-6604SPDT On/off/onBlackBlack6AI/O/II31.5 x 14mm
50-6605DPDT On/off/onBlackBlack6AI/O/II31.5 x 25mm
50-6606SPST On/onBlackBlack10ANone31.5 x 14mm
50-6607DPST Off/onBlackRed10AO/I31.5 x 25mm
50-6608SPST Off/onBlackRed20ANone31.5 x 14mm
50-6609DPDT On/off/onBlackBlack6ANone31.5 x 25mm
50-6613DPST Off/onBlackBlack20AO/I31.5 x 25mm
50-6617SPST Off/onBlackGreen10.8ANone31.5 x 14mm
50-6618SPST Off/onBlackBlack10.8ANone31.5 x 14mm
50-6619SPST Off/onBlackWhite10.8ANone31.5 x 14mm
50-6621SPST Off/onBlackBlack10.8AO/I31.5 x 14mm
50-6623SPST Off/onBlackBlack10.8ANone31.5 x 14mm
50-6624DPST Off/onBlackBlack10.8AO/I31.5 x 25mm
50-6627DPST On/onBlackBlack10.8ANone31.5 x 25mm
50-6628DPST Off/onWhiteWhite10.8AO/I31.5 x 25mm
50-6629DPST Off/onBlackGreen10.8AO/I31.5 x 25mm
50-6630SPDT On/off/onBlackBlack6ANone31.5 x 14mm
50-6631SPDT On/off/onBlackBlack10.8ANone31.5 x 14mm
50-6632SPDT On/off/(on)BlackBlack10.8ANone31.5 x 14mm
50-6634DPDT On/off/onBlackBlack10.8ANone31.5 x 25mm
50-6635DPDT On/off/onBlackBlack10.8ANone31.5 x 25mm
59-4126Protective capClearClear-< O >-
59-4127Protective capClearClear-Arrow-
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06 November 2015 Question by: Ryan
Q. Is either the 50-6632, or the 50-6634 a latching switch (do the switches spring back after you let go)?
A. Hi Ryan, thank you for your question. 50-6632 is a latching switch so stays in position. 50-6634 is a momentary switch so will return to the centre position once released.

07 March 2013 Question by: Thomas Kaye | Product code: 50-6633
Q. Does this switch automatically spring back to the off position when no pressure is applied to either of the throw positions?
A. Hi Thomas. Thank you for your question. The switch will spring back to off when you let go.