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Hammond Ritec RP Series Watertight ABS Enclosures

<a href="/hammond/modifications" title="Hammond modifications"><img src="//" width="555" style="padding-bottom: 10px; padding-top: 10px;" alt="Click here to request a Hammond modification"></a><br><br>These ABS <STRONG>enclosures</STRONG> from <STRONG>Hammond</STRONG> are sealed to <STRONG>IP65</STRONG> and are available with either grey ABS or clear polycarbonate lids.

  • Secured by four stainless steel screws
  • Internal mounting pillars for PCBs
  • Recessed top 1mm deep to accept membrane keypads, buttons or logos etc.
  • Grey similar to RAL9002

All dimensions quoted are external.

Order codeMftrs Part No.Size (mm)Mftrs part
30-1410RP102565 x 60 x 40mmRP1025
30-1412RP106585 x 80 x 55RP1065
30-0029RP1085105 x 75 x 40RP1085
30-0031RP1095105 x 75 x 55RP1095
30-1414RP1135125 x 85 x 55RP1135
30-0034RP1205145 x 105 x 40RP1205
30-0036RP1215145 x 105 x 60RP1215
30-1418RP1175165 x 85 x 55RP1175
30-1422RP1245165 x 125 x 75RP1245
30-1424RP1285186 x 146 x 75RP1285
30-0038RP1385186 x 146 x 75RP1385
30-0040RP1455220 x 165 x 60RP1455
30-0042RP1465220 x 165 x 85RP1465
30-1426RP1025C65 x 60 x 40RP1025C
30-1428RP1065C85 x 80 x 55RP1065C
30-0030RP1085C105 x 75 x 40RP1085C
30-0032RP1095C105 x 75 x 55RP1095C
30-1430RP1135C125 x 85 x 55RP1135C
30-0035RP1205C145 x 105 x 40RP1205C
30-0037RP1215C145 x 105 x 60RP1215C
30-1434RP1175C165 x 85 x 55RP1175C
30-0033RP1185C165 x 85 x 85RP1185C
30-1438RP1245C165 x 125 x 75RP1245C
30-1440RP1285C186 x 146 x 75RP1285C
30-0039RP1385C186 x146 x110RP1385C
30-0041RP1455C220 x165 x60RP1455C
30-0043RP1465C220 x165 x85RP1465C
30-1421MF0055Wall mounting feet
Question by Harry Butterworth
28 October 2014

Q This case does not accept mounting screws outside the seal. However it does have the blind holes underneath which I believe can be used to attach mounting brackets also made by Hammond. Can you supply?
A Hi Harry. Thank you for your question. We can supply a pack of wall mounting feet part number MF0055 for this range of enclosures on 30-1421.

Question by jo gwillim | Product code: 30-1424
16 January 2013

Q can you send me a drawing of the location of the pcb fixing pillars for this product?
A Hi Jo. Thank you for your question. The data sheet for this product can be viewed here but the colours used make it difficult to read. A cleared data sheet will be uploaded to this product shortly.