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Counterfeit Goods Statement

Rapid Electronics Ltd Counterfeit Goods Statement


To prevent the introduction of counterfeit or substandard product into our ranges through strict adherence to correct procurement and purchasing procedures.

Purchase of product:

The presence of counterfeit product in the international supply chain is a growing concern for distributors and customers alike as low-cost alternatives to traditional sources become available.

Rapid Electronics Ltd is fully committed to obtaining only products of the highest quality for our customers. We maintain an ISO9001:2015 management system which ensures all our suppliers agree to provide products solely from reputable sources.

All our suppliers understand that if any counterfeit products are introduced due to their negligence then action will be taken by Rapid Electronics Ltd to suspend any further purchases until that supplier or suppliers can guarantee to conform to the required ISO standard.


Rapid Electronics Ltd reports all incidents of counterfeit parts to internal organisations, other manufacturers and to customers.