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Velleman Proximity Card Reader

<p>The Velleman Proximity Card Reader can be used for numerous applications in homes and offices where security is needed or to control entry. Using RFID technology a relay can be activated when a card or fob is in close proximity (100mm) to the detection coil. The coil can be mounted up to 5m away from the main PCB. The Proximity Card Reader is available as a pre-mounted module.</p>
  • Supplied with two cards
  • Additional cards and key fob style actuator also available
  • Stores up to 25 tags
  • 64-bit code gives excellent security
  • Unlimited number of tags in low-security mode
  • Easy addition and removal of tags
  • Coil can be mounted away from the board for higher security
  • EM4100 compatible
  • Relay output max. 3A/24V
  • Dimensions 66 x 62 x 20mm
  • Power supply 12Vdc/100mA
Order codeMftrs Part No.
70-4562VM179Ready-built module
70-4429HAA2866/TAGAdditional card
70-4431HAA2866/TAG2Additional key fob
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27 September 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. Will this work effectivly through a door? Or will the 100mm range be shortened by the different medium??
A. Hi, thanks for your question. The card would need to be no further than 10cm in free space from the coil to activate, and less likely to operate through an object. Please see detailed information on the datasheet.