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Salecom Miniature Toggle Switches

A range of panel mounting latching and momentary toggle switches.
  • Choose from a variety of contact configurations
  • Solder lug terminations
  • Silver plated copper alloy contacts
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Salecom T80-T series
For biased switches (On) indicates momentary action.
Contact rating5A 125V AC/28V DC
Electrical life50,000 make-and-break cycles at full load
Contact resistance10mΩ max.
Insulation resistance1000MΩ min.
Dielectric strength1500V rms
Operating temperature–30° to +85°C
Salecom part no.Order code
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24 May 2015 Question by: Peter Reynolds
Q. I am looking for a toggle switch that is biased one way only. It needs to be normally off, and held down to be on and when released go back to off, rather like a push button. If you don't have any such item could you recommend a push button that is rated at least 3A at 30v DC please.
A. Hi Peter, thank you for your question. 75-0086 is on-off-on which the central position is off and will return to off when released.

04 November 2014 Question by: Rob
Q. Are these the ones that lock in the on then off then on position?
A. Hi Rob. Thank you for your question. 75-0084 is the latching type with 3 positions. The toggle will stay in each position.

30 July 2014 Question by: davew
Q. Still a little confused over the (characters & case) (On) Means momentary (on) Means ? on Means ? on-off Means ? Thanks davew
A. Hi Davew. Thank you for your question. Sorry for the confusion, there is no difference in the action between an upper or lower case "o" when referring to on or On, on-off is a SPST switch with on/off action.

17 January 2014 Question by: Dave | Product code: 75-0086
Q. So are they biased ie Spring loaded so when released it springs back to the middle IE OFF If this is so why does the picture show it on with no ones finger holding it up?
A. Hi Dave. Thank you for your question. These are momentary (on) off (on) toggle switches so will return to off once activated.

28 August 2013 Question by: Paul McDonald | Product code: 75-0090
Q. Could you tell me the diameter and length of the lever for this switch? Thanks
A. Hi Paul. Thank you for your question. The dimensions are as follows:
Diameter 2.92mm; length 10.41mm
Full dimensions are in the technical data sheet on page 3.

11 February 2013 Question by: Trevor | Product code: 75-0088
Q. Am I correct in assuming that there is a "centre off" position for this switch? I want to use the switch for an "on forwards, Off, on backwards" control switch for a battery operated motor.
A. Hi Trevor. Thank you for your question. You are correct - this switch has a centre off position and 2 latching positions.

01 February 2013 Question by: Bob Turner
Q. I'm looking for a 3 pole on-off-on toggle switch. I found two numbers on your site tech date - T8305 and T8307, but I can't locate them under toggle switches? Can you help please. Alos I notice the T8307 switch has the on's in bracket, what does this denote please? Regards, Bob Turner
A. Hi Bob. Thank you for your question. T8305 looks like 75-0092, whereas T8307 does not appear. Any of the switches in (ON) off (ON) means the contact is momentary if not in brackets then it is latching. The best we can offer is a 4PDT 75-0094.

04 January 2013 Question by: tony cooper | Product code: 75-0086
Q. Are these suitable for model railway points? What diameter hole would I need? many thanks
A. Hi Tony. Thank you for your question. These would be suitable for the model railway. The panel cut out is 6.35mm.

02 December 2012 Question by: Graham Upton
Q. Are you able to supply these with coloured cap covers for the toggles?
A. Hi Graham. Thank you for your question. We do not sell any coloured caps for this type of switch. However the UCI version has rubber boots which could be possibly painted: 75-0125 and 75-0120.

17 November 2012 Question by: Wayland
Q. What size hole does this range of switches require?
A. Hi Wayland. Thank you for your question. These need a 6.2mm hole in order to panel mount.

30 March 2012 Question by: Don Upton | Product code: 75-0086
Q. Just to make sure...these switches are centre-off at 'rest' position. When moved either forward or back (left or right) and then released, they return to centre-off. Please confirm.
A. Hi Don, thanks for your question. This is correct . (on) is used to denote momentary – ie only working whilst operated in that direction. When released it will return to the rest position, off in this case.