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Kern ORA Series Analogue Refractometers

<P>Refractometers measure the concentration of chemical solutions by measuring their refractive index. Models are available that measure refractive index directly, or have been designed for a specific chemical solution, e.g. salt or sugar.</P><P>The Kern ORA range are universal, maintenance-free analogue manual refractometers. Their practical and robust design means that they can be used simply, efficiently and repeatedly in a production environment. Conversion of the displayed value is avoided by the use of selectable scales, eliminating user error. The scales have been specially developed, precisely calculated and have very thin, clear graduation lines. All models are fitted with an eyepiece that is adjustable to match the individuals' eyesight.</P>
  • Supplied complete with:
  • Storage box
  • Calibration solution
  • Pipette
  • Screwdriver
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Kern ORA series
Kern modelScale(s)RangeResolutionAutomatic temperature correctionOrder code
ORA 20BABrix (sugar)0 to 20%0.1%Yes85-4757
ORA 32BABrix (sugar)0 to 32%0.2%Yes85-4758
ORA 80BBBrix (sugar)0 to 80%0.5%No85-4755
ORA 1SASpecific gravity1.000 to 1.070sg0.001sgYes85-4759
Salinity0 to 100‰1‰Yes
ORA 3SABrix (sugar)0 to 32%0.2%Yes85-4760
Salt (NaCl)0 to 28%0.2%Yes
ORA 4FAEthylene Glycol (EG)-50 to 0°C1°CYes85-4761
Propylene Glycol (PG)-50 to 0°C1°CYes
Screen Wash (CW)-40 to 0°C1°CYes
Battery Fluid (BF)1.1 to 1.4kg/l0.01kg/lYes
ORA 1UAUrea0 to 40%0.2%Yes85-4762
ORA 4UAEthylene Glycol (EG)-50 to 0°C1°CYes85-4763
Propylene Glycol (PG)-50 to 0°C1°CYes
Screen Wash (CW)-40 to 0°C5°CYes
Battery Fluid (BF)1.1 to 1.4kg/l0.01kg/lYes
Urea30 to 35%0.2%Yes
ORA 4RRRefractive index1.440 to 1.52 nD0.001nDNo85-4764
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