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LogiLink® PC Case Cooler Fans

<P align=left><STRONG>LogiLink</STRONG>'s&reg; <STRONG>PC Case Cooler Fans</STRONG> are suitable for cooling a computer through its long life at an ambient temperature of 40&deg;C. </P><P align=left>The connection is made via a 5.25in Y-power cable of the PC power supply, while the dimensions as well as the hole spacing of the screwing system are standardised. Despite the high volume flow, the cooler fans function very quietly. </P>
  • PC case fan
  • Available in black plastic or acrylic
  • Long lifespan
  • Quiet noise
  • 12V DC operating voltage
Part CodeSizeColour
49-060480 x 80 x 25mmBlack
49-0606120 x 120 x 25mmBlack
49-060580 x 80 x 25mmAcrylic
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