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LappKabel UNITRONIC® ETHERNET Cat5e Data Cable Blue LappKabel

<P>A range of LappKabel Etherline Cat5e flexible Ethernet cable. This industrial cable is screened against interference and ideal for connecting two electric components up to a distance of 60m maximum. The cable can be used in dry and damp rooms.</P><P>The cable consists of bare stranded conductors, with foam skin core insulation, copper braid and foil screening as overall screening, and an outer sheath of PUR (LSZH).</P>
  • High-quality, double screening ensures high transmission reliability
  • Halogen-free and flame-retardant FRNC outer sheath
  • Peak operating voltage: (not for power applications) 125V
  • Test voltage: Core/core: 1000V
  • Core/screen: 500V
  • Temperature range: During installation: -5°C to +60°C
  • Fixed installation: -30°C to +80°C
  • Characteristic impedance: 100Ω ±15%
  • Supplied in lengths of 1m
  • Available with PUR (LSZH) sheath
  • Available in 2 or 4-pair options
This cable will be supplied in one continuous length. For example, an order for 7 metres of cable will result in a single 7-metre cable being supplied, not 7 one-metre lengths.
Mftrs. partDescriptionNo. of PairsOuter diameterOrder code
2170299ETHERLINE H Flex CAT.5e4x 2 x AWG26/76.1mm49-1787
2170297ETHERLINE P CAT.5e 4x 2 x AWG24/1 6.3mm49-1788
2170298ETHERLINE H-H CAT.5e 4x 2 x AWG24/1 6/7.5mm49-1789
2170289ETHERLINE FD P CAT.5e 2x 2 x AWG26/196.1mm49-1790
2170901ETHERLINE Y CAT.5e BK2x 2x AWG22/76.2mm49-1791
2170300ETHERLINE P CAT.5e4x 2 x AWG26/76.1mm63-4860
2170296ETHERLINE H CAT.5e4x 2 x AWG24/16.3mm63-4857
2170894ETHERLINE FD P FC CAT.52x 2 x AWG22/76.8mm63-4858
2170284ETHERLINE P Flex CAT.5e2x 2 x AWG26/75.8mm63-4859

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