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Timeguard Emergency Alarm System Kit EASZK Single Zone

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Brand: Timeguard  MPN: EASZK 
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Buy Emergency Alarm System Kit EASZK Single Zone from Timeguard - single zone control panel kits, available and used for where assistance may be required in WC areas, changing rooms, bedrooms etc. With a 2 wire connection between control panel, pull cord, reset button and overhead door alert flasher, installation could not be simpler making it a must have for new installations and existing conversions.

The basic system consists of a Control Unit (which is powered by AC mains supply) connected by an extra low voltage 2-wire link to a Pull Cord Unit which is in turn connected to an Over-Door Unit by another extra low voltage 2-wire link. The Over-Door Unit is then connected to a Reset Unit by a further extra low voltage 2-wire link.

When the pull cord, mounted adjacent to the W.C., is pulled, the red L.E.D. on the Pull Cord Unit is activated until the system is reset, assuring the disabled person in distress that the system has been activated. The sounder and the light on the Over-Door Unit outside the cubicle, are activated intermittently.

At the Reset Unit inside the cubicle, the light and sounder are activated intermittently and will both be further reassuring the person in distress. At the Control Unit the alarm light and the sounder are activated continuously.

Either the Over-Door Unit or the Control Unit will attract the attention of an appropriate person either directly or indirectly and that person will note the zone in alarm, press the reset button at the Control Unit clearing the alarm and then investigate the toilet cubicle in question.

Note: Reset button at the Control Unit can be disabled by moving the reset selection switch to the OFF position. At any time if the difficulty is resolved the person in distress can clear the alarm by pressing the reset button in the cubicle.

Kit consists of:

  • 1 x EACP1 - Single Zone Control Panel - 2 gang
  • 1 x EARB1 - Reset Button – single gang
  • 1 x EAPC1 - Pull Cord
  • 1 x EADF1 - Over Door Flasher
  • 1 x EADS - Disabled Sticker
  • Manufacturer's part no. Timeguard EASZK
Type Alarm system kit
Application Emergency Assist


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