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Eisco Van De Graaff Generator Motor Or Hand Driven

<P>These Van De Graaff generators have been specially designed for electrostatic experiments, and where a source of high voltage is required.</P><P>The generators are mounted on a stable base along with a choice of a hand-cranked pulley or a smooth-running AC motor.</P>
  • Develop voltage up to 200kV, depending on ambient conditions
  • Spark length up to 60mm
  • Sphere: aluminium
  • Charge collecting belt: silicon rubber with excellent insulation resistance
  • Belt-tracking easily adjusted
  • Acrylic shaft allows for full visibility
  • Charge collecting combs: aluminium mesh, clearly visible
  • Connections: 4mm sockets in dome and base
  • Discharger: spherical 100mm dia., with insulated handle and 4mm sockets
  • 52-3416 can be operated by hand, or from a 110 or 220V AC mains supply
  • 52-3636 is operated by hand only
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