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Ambersil IPA Isopropyl Alcohol Electronic Cleaning Solvent

<P>Ambersil IPA Electronic Cleaning Solvent is an <B>isopropyl alcohol solvent </B>- an internationally approved general purpose, cost effective <B>electronic cleaning solvent</B>. It is ideal for cleaning, degreasing and de-fluxing delicate electronic assemblies and leaves no residue.</P><P>Suitable for: tape heads, disc drives, photocopier drums, printed circuit boards, optical equipment, lenses, precision instruments, delicate components, etc.</P>
  • Available in a 250ml bottle, 400ml aerosol, or 5 litre bottle
  • Highly versatile cleaning solvent
  • Manufactured using IPA with a minimum purity of 99.7%
  • Conforms to BS 1595, ASTM D770 and DIN 53245
  • Forms an azeotrope with water to assist removal of moisture
  • Evaporates after use, leaving no residue
  • Drying can be accelerated by wiping or using an air lance

Caution: IPA may affect certain delicate plastics. Always test small, inconspicuous area before general use. Ensure electrical equipment is switched off before cleaning. Allow solvent to evaporate completely before operating the equipment.

AppearanceClear, colourless liquid
SG @ 25°C0.801
CompatibilityMay affect certain plastics
SolubilitySoluble in water
Initial boiling point82°C
FlammabilityClassified as highly flammable under current EC Regulations
Auto-ignition temperature400°C
Specifications/ApprovalsMeets IBM Part No. 2200200, conforms to BS1595, ASTM D770 and DIN53245
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