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TruOhm CR25 0.25W Carbon Film Resistors Boxes of 1000

<p>Miniature high stability 0.25W carbon film resistors for industrial and consumer electronic equipment. A zero-Ohm resistor is also available which is a useful alternative to jumper or wire links on PCBs.</p>
  • 5% tolerance
  • 0.25W rated
  • Supplied in boxes of 1000
Order codeMftrs Part No.Value (&Omega;)
62-0312CR-025 1R1R
62-0297CR-025 1R21R2
62-0298CR-025 1R51R5
62-0299CR-025 1R81R8
62-0300CR-025 2R22R2
62-0301CR-025 2R72R7
62-0302CR-025 3R33R3
62-0311CR-025 3R93R9
62-0323CR-025 4R74R7
62-0315CR-025 5R65R6
62-0327CR-025 6R86R8
62-0318CR-025 8R28R2
62-0329CR-025 10R10R
62-0321CR-025 12R12R
62-0331CR-025 15R15R
62-0325CR-025 18R18R
62-0333CR-025 22R22R
62-0335CR-025 27R27R
62-0337CR-025 33R33R
62-0339CR-025 39R39R
62-0341CR-025 47R47R
62-0343CR-025 56R56R
62-0345CR-025 68R68R
62-0294CR-025 75R75R
62-0347CR-025 82R82R
62-0349CR-025 100R100R
62-0351CR-025 120R120R
62-0353CR-025 150R150R
62-0355CR-025 180R180R
62-0357CR-025 220R220R
62-0359CR-025 270R270R
62-0361CR-025 330R330R
62-0363CR-025 390R390R
62-0365CR-025 470R470R
62-0367CR-025 560R560R
62-0369CR-025 680R680R
62-0371CR-025 820R820R
62-0373CR-025 1K1K
62-0375CR-025 1K21K2
62-0377CR-025 1K51K5
62-0379CR-025 1K81K8
62-0381CR-025 2K22K2
62-0383CR-025 2K72K7
62-0385CR-025 3K33K3
62-0387CR-025 3K93K9
62-0389CR-025 4K74K7
62-0391CR-025 5K65K6
62-0393CR-025 6K86K8
62-0395CR-025 8K28K2
62-0397CR-025 10K10K
62-0399CR-025 12K12K
62-0401CR-025 15K15K
62-0403CR-025 18K18K
62-0405CR-025 22K22K
62-0407CR-025 27K27K
62-0409CR-025 33K33K
62-0411CR-025 39K39K
62-0413CR-025 47K47K
62-0415CR-025 56K56K
62-0417CR-025 68K68K
62-0419CR-025 82K82K
62-0421CR-025 100K100K
62-0423CR-025 120K120K
62-0425CR-025 150K150K
62-0427CR-025 180K180K
62-0429CR-025 220K220K
62-0431CR-025 270K270K
62-0433CR-025 330K330K
62-0435CR-025 390K390K
62-0437CR-025 470K470K
62-0439CR-025 560K560K
62-0441CR-025 680K680K
62-0443CR-025 820K820K
62-0445CR-025 1M1M
62-0447CR-025 1M21M2
62-0449CR-025 1M51M5
62-0451CR-025 1M81M8
62-0453CR-025 2M22M2
62-0455CR-025 2M72M7
62-0457CR-025 3M33M3
62-0459CR-025 3M93M9
62-0461CR-025 4M74M7
62-0463CR-025 5M65M6
62-0465CR-025 6M86M8
62-0467CR-025 8M28M2
62-0469CR-025 10M10M