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Barthelme T5 Wedge-Based Lamps

<P>A range of miniature T5 lamps available in a choice of voltages/power.</P>
  • Clear bulb
Order codeLamp sizeSocket sizeDimensions (mm)Voltage (V)Power (W)Current (A)
57-6819T5W2 x 4.6d5 x 2061166
57-6804T5W2 x 4.6d5 x 206-70.580
57-6811T5W2 x 4.6d5 x 20121.2100
57-6809T5W2 x 4.6d5 x 20122166
57-6806T5W2 x 4.6d5 x 2012Green100
57-6805T5W2 x 4.6d5 x 2012Red100
57-6808T5W2 x 4.6d5 x 2012Yellow100
57-6822T5W2 x 4.6d5 x 2012-150.430
57-6820T5W2 x 4.6d5 x 2012-15183
57-6810T5W2 x 4.6d5 x 20141.180
57-6812T5W2 x 4.6d5 x 20241.250
57-6823T5W2 x 4.6d5 x 2024-300.730
57-6821T5W2 x 4.6d5 x 2024-30140
57-6813T5W2 x 4.6d5 x 20481.225
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