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RVFM Inertia Balance

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Brand: RVFM  MPN: PH10587 
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An apparatus for investigating the nature of mass and the distinction between mass and weight. The device allows the measurement of inertial mass, as opposed to gravitational mass for a regular balance.

The principle of operation is to record the oscillations produced when the tray is deflected then released. The frequency of vibration will depend on the unknown mass in the tray, being higher for a lower mass and lower for a higher mass. The object to be measured is placed in the inertial balance and the oscillation started. The time needed to complete a given number of cycles is measured. By comparing with known masses, the value of the unknown mass can be determined.

  • 2 metal trays 130 x 55 x 23mm joined by two 10mm spring steel strips
  • Distance between trays 215mm
  • One tray is drilled to accept up to 3 equal cylindrical masses
  • The other tray clamps to a bench horizontally or vertically
  • Complete with 3 masses and a 'G' Clamp


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