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RVFM 127mm Medium Wave / Long Wave Ferrite Rod Radio Aerial


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RVFM 127mm Medium Wave / Long Wave Ferrite Rod Radio Aerial

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A ferrite rod onto which a medium wave and long wave coil are wound.
  • Coils are moveable on rod to tune to best performance (then secured with suitable adhesive)
  • External diameter 9.5mm
  • Length 127mm

Dimensions127mm long x 9.525mm diameter
Inductance MW coil370µH
LW coil4.1mH
TypicalMW550 - 1550kHz (193 - 545m)
coverageLW150 - 280kHz (1070 - 2000m)

Question by Harry Brown | Product code: 88-3099
11 April 2017

Q Thankyou for your previous reply about the coil. With an MK484, a thicker wire coil I wound onto a ferrite rod, does produce medium wave signals, with a 500 pf variable. But this coil I bought and tried doesn't seem to amplify anything - I connected terminals 1, 2 as mentioned, as in the data etc. even with a wire out the window connected to one end of the coil. The length of the coil conducts, checked with a meter, from one soldered terminal to the other(s). The input impedance of the MK484 is high - 4 megohms - is this the problem perhaps? Thankyou.
A Hi Harry, thank you for your question. 4 mega ohm is about right for the input impedance of a MK484, unfortunately we cannot undertake design work or fault finding for you but offer generic advice. I found this useful link with lots of information you might find useful.

Question by SJ | Product code: 88-3099
17 May 2013

Q Hi, are the ends of the copper wire tinned? Thanks
A Hi SJ. Thank you for your question. The copper ends of this aerial are tinned.